Ihmekollektiivi what?

Cultural Association Ihmekollektiivi was founded in 2020 to promote arts, culture, and sustainable lifestyle in the Eastern Finnish Lakeland village of Sulkava. 

We think that having active cultural life should not be the privilege of people living in cities. It is a basic right for all humans! 

Ihmekollektiivi supports and diversifies the art and culture scene in Sulkava. With our work we want to support the communality in our village, the vitality of the Lakeland area and bring out important subjects – such as the protection of lake Saimaa, environment at whole, equality, and sustainable lifestyle – through art. We aim to nurture the versatile cultural heritage of the region and promote sustainable lifestyle and vitality in the area. 

The association organises cultural and educational events, carries out art and media projects and creates opportunities for artists to exhibit their work. We were supporting our neighbouring town Savonlinna to become the cultural capital of Europe in 2026. More information about the Saimaa Ilmiö -project: https://www.saimaailmio2026.fi/