Ihmepuatti Liplatus

community boat

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Ihmepuatti Liplatus is a community boat, that is offered so that everyone visiting  Sulkava will have an opportunity to get familiar with the beautiful lake scenery and  nature and experience the traditional, Savonia region designed rowing boat,  which is part of our national heritage. With the boat and a map you can get to know natural sights located nearby or  just to enjoy the summer sun and listen to the waves' sounds as you row.   

Ihmepuatti Liplatus can be booked at the kiosk Alanteen Helmi, during the  opening hours,  which are 9 - 20 Monday to Friday and 9 - 18 on the weekends.  The boat is borrowed free of charge and can be booked  for a maximum of three hours a day. 

The boat is carpentered by Pauli Parkkinen on the island of Partalansaari, in Sulkava. The nordic clinker boat tradition was added to the Unesco list of  intangible cultural heritage in 2021.  Ihmepuatti Liplatus is the community boat of cultural association Ihmekollektiivi, and has been funded by EU’s Rural development programme.

Guidelines, conditions and safety instructions on how to borrow and use the 

community boat


Ihmepuatti Liplatus can be booked at the kiosk Alanteen Helmi by calling +358-44-7205556 or directly in the kiosk. The community boat is kept at the public beach Alinanniemi. The kiosk will give you the keys, oars, a paddle, a toggle, a bail, life jackets and a map.

The boat can be borrowed during the kiosk’s opening hours, which are 9 - 20 Monday to Friday and 9 - 18 on the weekends. The boat is borrowed free of charge and can be booked for a maximum of three hours a day. The key has to be picked up within 30 minutes from the start of the booked time, otherwise the booking is canceled.

The borrower of the boat has to be over 18-years-old. The borrower commits to complying with these safety and usage instructions by signing a borrowing contract. The borrower’s identity is checked before the key is given.

The register for the processing of personal data given in the borrowing contract is found here.

Conditions and safety instructions

The boat can carry a maximum of three adults or two adults and two kids.

The person who has booked the boat is responsible for the boat during the borrowing period. The borrowing period starts when the key is handed over and ends when the key is returned. The personnel at the kiosk will evaluate the rowing ability of the person who booked the boat. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not get the keys.

The person who made the booking is the boat’s captain. The new water transport law (782/2019, in effect from 1.6.2020) states that every boat needs to have a captain that has the age, skill and ability needed to control the boat and who is responsible for the safety and equipment of the boat and ensures that the equipment is used correctly. The captain needs to ensure that the boat will not cause danger or disturbance to others, including nature. When you bring the boat back to shore, please avoid landing on rocks or cliffs, so as to protect the bottom of the boat from damage.

The person who made the booking is responsible for returning the boat in a neat condition and that it is pulled to shore to its own place, locked into its rack and that the key and equipment is returned to the kiosk before the booking time has run out.

If the boat is damaged or is returned late or not at all, the person who made the booking is responsible. Each hour after the booked time will cost 30 euros and if the boat goes missing, the person will be charged 2500 euros.

In problematic situations contact the chair of Ihmekollektiivi board by calling +358-44-2812475. You can also give suggestions on how to make the boating service better! 

In the case of emergency, call 112.